Why VRBOs Make Amazing Wedding Venues?

A perfect wedding venue

Booking a VRBO (vacation rental by owner) property can offer couples a unique venue for their special day with plenty of space, amenities and personalized touches. Here are 5 reasons VRBO rentals make ideal wedding venues:

Exclusive Access

When you rent an entire VRBO property for your wedding, you’ll have exclusive access and use of the entire space. This means no other guests will be staying at the property during your wedding weekend which provides an intimate and secluded setting for your celebration. Exclusive access also allows you total freedom for customizing the layout and flow of your wedding day events.


VRBO wedding venue offers versatility in the type of spaces you can utilize for your wedding events. Many VRBO properties have multiple living areas, outdoor patios and gardens, pools, and scenic surroundings that you can incorporate into your ceremony and reception. From rustic barns and cottages to elegant mansions and beach houses, VRBOs provide a variety of architectural styles and settings.


VRBO rentals typically offer amenities and comforts you’d expect from a hotel stay. This includes things like full kitchens, laundry facilities, WiFi, cable TV, plush bedding, and housekeeping services during your stay. Many properties also have pools, hot tubs, game rooms and outdoor fire pits that guests can enjoy. All these perks provide an added level of comfort for your wedding attendees.


VRBO wedding venues are often located in scenic natural settings like vineyards, beaches, mountains and lakes. The stunning outdoor surroundings and architectures of many VRBO rentals provide rich backdrops for capturing memorable wedding photos. Whether it’s under an old oak tree, beside a coastal bluff or on a vineyard hilltop, VRBOs offer beautiful photoscapes for your special day.


By booking a VRBO property as your wedding venue, you gain the personal touch and care of an owner who wants your wedding day to be extra special. Many owners go above and beyond to ensure the property is perfectly set up to meet your needs. The small-scale, intimate environment of a VRBO matches the personalized nature of your wedding celebration itself.

VRBO wedding venues

In conclusion, choosing the right VRBO can provide you a unique venue filled with rustic charm, ample comforts and a highly personalized environment for hosting your dream wedding. The mix of seclusion, versatility, amenities and natural beauty available through VRBO rentals make them an ideal option worth considering for your special day.

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