Traveling Has a Carbon Footprint. Are We Missing the Bigger Picture?

Traveling Has a Carbon Footprint. Are We Missing the Bigger Picture?

Traveling Has a Carbon Footprint. Are We Missing the Bigger Picture?


As the world faces the reality of the climate crisis, the travel industry is struggling to find a way to move forward. The industry has been built on constant growth for years, but that model is no longer sustainable.


The question is how to reconcile the need to reduce our impact on the planet with the desire to explore it.


There is no trouble-free answer, but the first step is to take a step back and look at the big picture. It has been estimated that the travel and tourism sector is responsible for massive greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions – as much as 10% of the total global emissions. That is more than the whole aviation industry.


This article offers some research and tools to travelers and the tourism industry to broaden the horizon of their thoughts on sustainable travel. We’ve noticed that the travel and tourism industry plays a very negative role; carbon emissions from flights and aviation are the problem.


Flights do contribute considerably to greenhouse gases. However, flights are not the only problem for carbon emissions. Tourist living standards also contribute to carbon emissions.

Traveling Has a Carbon Footprint. Are We Missing the Bigger Picture?

Climate Crisis and Travel


For a long time, carbon emissions have served as the tourism industry’s form of penitent indulgence for flight-based carbon offset. But don’t worry. By the strike of luck, the whole thing from the start to the end of travelling has gotten much attention.


For instance, recent research conducted by the Travel Agency regarding carbon emissions from vacations found staggering outcomes: the carbon footprint from food is often greater than that of travelling.


As per the research, making slight changes to food, drinks and meals — cutting portions to reduce food waste and replacing fancy restaurant meals with lighter picnic lunches in nature — often had a more notable impact on reducing carbon emissions than adjusting to accommodation or modes of local transportation.

Recent research and smart tools can provide a more integrated perspective of one’s environmental impact and guide.


Ecological Footprint Calculator (Online Tool)


This mind-blowing tool Is an uncomplicated online calculator that helps you understand more comprehensively the carbon footprint and how myriad dimensions in your life and travels play a role. The point is not about your final score but about developing your awareness of what is relevant.


The calculator elaborates how different modes of transportation, electricity/electrical appliances, shopping, foods and drinks and other activities can have an impact and just how big or small that impact is on your total carbon emissions. Its innovation aims to cut carbon footprint by increasing awareness and comprehension of your basic travel stuff.

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Adjusting your Travel Footprint


The more climate-saving awareness is spread, the more travel and tourism companies will make impactful decisions against carbon footprints. By adjusting our travel footprint, we can cut a huge emission of greenhouse gases.


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