What happens when Rahu transits?

Rahu transits

Rahu and Ketu are both regarded as grey planets in ancient Hindu astrology. Rahu is classified as a malefic planet in Vedic astrology, which explains why mentioning its name makes a native feel hopeless and terrified. The planet Rahu is also said to be a signifier of occult sciences, gambling, dishonesty, and many other things. In addition to this, Rahu is the ruling planet in matters of politics and diplomacy.

Rahu’s increased position in the Kundli gives someone the chance to succeed in various challenging situations, including those involving politics, diplomacy, international travel, and many others. Rahu’s influence might also cause you to suffer significant financial losses. One could have mental health issues and sleeplessness as a result of Rahu’s unfavorable influence. On the other hand, Rahu’s favorable effects encourage a person to become knowledgeable in occult studies and secret sectors.


Rahu transit: Impacts

Rahu is classified as a shadowy planet in the world of Vedic Astrology. The planet Rahu, like the other planets in the solar system, has no specific realms that it rules. It continues to be exalted in the zodiac sign of Taurus, and its weak sign is Scorpio. It keeps cordial connections with Saturn, Venus, and Mercury. The Sun, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter are all antagonistic to it at the same moment. Results from Rahu’s transit are favorable in the third, seventh, tenth, and eleventh houses. However, its placement in the second, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and twelfth houses typically does not result in favorable results.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the First House: When Rahu transits through the first house of a person’s zodiac sign, the native may have to deal with difficult circumstances. In addition, this creates the potential for a wide range of health issues and different sorts of aches in various body areas.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Second House: Financial problems will become more prominent in your life if Rahu transits from the natal Moon’s second house. There are disagreements in marital life as well. Spending during this period also increases. You’re always bothered by something. To preserve excellent health at this time, you should watch what you eat. During this period, eyes also become more susceptible. Additionally, it would be best to refrain from any conflicts at this time.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Third House: Rahu gives back the good sentiments when it moves to the third house. You start to like your job more and put in more effort. There is also a chance for advancement. During this time, natives enjoy great wealth and financial benefits. Any protracted legal disputes are also handled in your favor. During this period, your bond with your siblings also gets better. Your relations get stronger. You must work hard for fame and reputation in society. This time period also offers strong prospects for pay raises for those who are employed.

Rahu transits

Rahu transits

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Fourth House: An unsettling period is when Rahu enters the fourth house from where the natal Moon is placed. When it comes to situations concerning real estate, you need to use extreme caution. There might be a lot going on at this time, which could disrupt your peace of mind. During this period, your mother’s health might deteriorate. Additionally, you should use caution while driving during this time because problems or accidents involving vehicles are probable. For some individuals, relocating could be necessary.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Fifth House: Rahu causes the native a great deal of emotional distress and anguish as it transits from the natal Moon to the fifth house. You’re troubled by a variety of child-related issues. However, this is a highly promising time for business and revenue development. However, the native’s love life is also plagued by certain problems. You can continue to feel psychologically agitated throughout this period due to your growing bewilderment.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Sixth House: Rahu boosts your opportunities for accumulating riches as it transits to the sixth house from the natal Moon. Additionally, you can be successful in business. Deals on real estate go well for the locals. In your social group, you are well-regarded and appreciated. You win all ongoing legal matters as well.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Seventh House: Rahu’s passage in your seventh house indicates that the period is not particularly favorable for your marital life. In addition, there is a probability that this transit may cause issues for your life with your spouse and coworkers.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Eighth House: Rahu’s passage through this house is seen as being highly unfavorable for mystical, enigmatic, psychological, and astrological affairs. Rahu, however, does not support anything pertaining to your adversaries, legal issues, or health in the eighth house at all. There might be some unexpected issues that surface.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Ninth House: When Rahu is still in the ninth house, favorable outcomes for international travel, advanced study, and spiritual endeavors are brought to the fore, but situations involving parents are not regarded as favorable.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Tenth House: Rahu’s passage through this house is very fortunate for your profession, employment, and social institutions. On the other hand, there’s a potential that you’ll experience stress and sleeplessness.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Eleventh House: Rahu’s passage through this house produces favorable outcomes. You could come to terms with an increase in your financial resources, place of employment, salary, and perks relative to your pals during this period. Additionally, you could notice an improvement in your health.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit on the Twelve House: Rahu does not provide beneficial results while it is in your twelfth house in a transitory motion. However, opportunities to travel abroad arise, although the current economic climate is unfavorable.

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Rahu’s transition has a significant influence on people’s lives. It is also quite challenging to comprehend Rahu’s inclination because it is decided to be the significator of uncertainty. As a result, it is challenging to realize when and how Rahu might alter a person’s fortunes.

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